Upcoming Events:

2017 Life Model Works Annual Gathering

When:  April 27-29

Where:  Harvest Church, Naperville, IL

Theme:  Immanuel Centered Relationships

Keynote Speakers:  Jim Wilder  |  Karl Lehman  |  Chris Coursey  |  Marcus Warner

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Summary of Dr. Lehman’s Saturday Morning Presentation:

I’m going to talk about how a lifestyle of ongoing Immanuel Approach healing can benefit your relationship with Jesus by progressively removing distortions, blockages, and hindrances that are anchored in specific traumatic memories.

My goal is to not just explain the point, but to convince the audience so thoroughly that they will implement this vision in their own lives. I will provide explanation, but also many true story examples, so that people get emotional, intuitive, experiential data that will convince them.

And I will share my vision for how the new Immanuel Approach book can be an ideal resource for ongoing Immanuel Approach healing for trauma.

I’m also going to explain how we have “mountaintop” experiences with both “breakthrough” healing sessions and also with THRIVE retreats/conferences that focus on maturity skills – mountaintop experiences that include unusually intense RC (relational circuit) activity, that feel wonderful, and that produce dramatic temporary benefits that can be mistaken for character transformation.

I will explain how and why the temporary benefits fade, and that there are pieces of small permanent benefit underneath the more dramatic temporary phenomena.

It is important to recognize this, so that we can embrace an ongoing lifestyle, with respect to both maturity skill growth and Immanuel Approach healing for trauma. (With a lifestyle of ongoing work, the small pieces of permanent positive change steadily accumulate and produce lasting, steadily growing, increasingly pervasive character transformation.) Without understanding mountaintop experiences, and the difference between mountaintop experiences and a lifestyle of ongoing work, it is easy to become disillusioned when the mountaintop euphoria fades. Without understanding these phenomena, many people become disillusioned and then quit, instead of enjoying mountaintop experiences for what they are, but then also embracing the challenging (but incredibly rewarding) lifestyle of both ongoing maturity skill work and ongoing Immanuel Approach healing for trauma.

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