Live Session Preview Clips

Watch live sessions of the Immanuel approach to emotional healing. These sessions are used with permission.

Immanuel Approach Preview Clips, Basic


Immanuel Approach Preview Clips, Intermediate-Advanced



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Additional Explanation of Videos

  • One of the best ways to introduce people to the Immanuel approach.
  • Inspiring, encouraging, and faith building!

While these highly condensed previews of live sessions are not long enough to teach you how to facilitate the Immanuel approach process, they are inspiring, encouraging, and faith building. These previews are also one of the best ways to introduce people to the Immanuel approach. At five to seven minutes each, they require a very modest time investment, and the powerful healings during the sessions and striking fruit apparent at the follow-up interviews tend to be very effective in convincing people that this is an approach to emotional healing that merits further investigation. Note that these preview clips are even shorter than the condensed live ministry sessions.  (These sessions are posted with permission.)