Getting Started

Wondering where to begin?

Here are our suggestions…

First… for those who are just getting started with the Immanuel approach, we recommend beginning with the videos and basic definitions on the homepage.

Mix and match to your preference:

  1. Read Chapters 1-5 (Draft) of the New Immanuel approach Book.
  2. Watch some live session preview clips.
  3. Browse testimonies page.

Mix reading and practice:

  1. To understand why we do what we do, read: Chapters 6-12 (Draft)Chapters 13-18 (Draft); and Chapters 19-23 (Draft) of the upcoming Immanuel approach Book. Also check out the “Introductory Essays” page.
  2. To practice the actual process, visit the Exercises/Prayers for Study Groups and Beginners page.

To Network…

Connect with a growing community of trainers, facilitators, study groups, and interested people around the world.  Please visit the public Immanuel Network Directory. You can create your own profile or just search for others.

Visit our Store Page…

Visit the Store Page to browse Dr. Lehman’s large collection of training videos including the Live Ministry Series videos which show actual live sessions, and Conference Teaching videos. You can also see Dr Lehman’s book Outsmarting Yourself. For more information, please read “Which Lehman Resources are Right for me?”

As more advanced topics become relevant, here is where you can dig deeper.

  1. Browse the FAQs… Many common questions about training, referrals, using the approach with various populations, Lehman availability, etc are answered thoroughly.
  2. For essays… start by browsing the essays at the bottom of the introductory essays page. If you are interested in more advanced topics, please see the essays on the Special Subjects/Advanced topics page as well as the The Immanuel approach Revisited essay for material regarding advanced trouble-shooting. Then search the database which has over 1,000 pages of free download essays about the Immanuel approach and related subjects.
  3. Outsmarting Yourself… Please be aware that in 2011 Dr Lehman published a book entitled Outsmarting Yourself and a related website which provides an excellent theoretical foundation for the Immanuel approach.