Website Questions

  1. What is the Relationship between www.immanuelapproach.com, www.outsmartingyourself.org, and www.kclehman.com  websites?

Questions about Immanuel Network Directory

  1. What is the Immanuel Network Directory? A public directory where people using the Immanuel Approach around the world can post their profile and make contact with one another.
  2. How do I access the Immanuel Network Directory? Click here and then read the cautions and click “proceed to Immanuel Network Directory”.
  3. Do I have to create an account to find and contact people on the Immanuel Network directory? No.
  4. Additional more technical questions about the directory are answered here.

Questions About Lehman Availability

  1. Are Dr. Lehman and/or pastor Charlotte available for individual Immanuel sessions?
  2. Is Dr. Lehman available for office, phone, or e-mail consultations?
  3. What’s the best phone number for contacting Dr. Lehman?

Using the Immanuel approach with Diverse Populations (children, non-christians, etc.)

  1. Do you have materials translated into other languages?
  2. Can you use the Immanuel approach with children?
  3. Can you use the Immanuel approach with non-Christians?
  4. How do you include the Immanuel approach in the care of people with clinical mental illnesses? In the care of people taking psychiatric medications?
  5. Is the Immanuel approach effective for attachment trauma?

Questions Asked by Facilitators

  1. Questions regarding lay people offering Immanuel approach sessions:
  2. As a mental health professional, Can I bill insurance for Immanuel approach sessions?
  3. Do you have an essay about informed consent to use the Immanuel approach? Yes. Click here to view an explanatory essay and a sample informed consent form.
  4. How long will it take for a person to be healed using the Immanuel approach?

Finding a Facilitator or Trainer

  1. How/where can I find someone to facilitate Immanuel approach emotional healing for me?
  2. How/where can I get training regarding the Immanuel approach?

Questions about Training Resources, Store Page, or Products

  1. Which Lehman training materials/videos are right for me?
  2. I want to know more about Care Packaging.

Questions about the paradigm

  1. How long will it take for a person to be healed using the Immanuel approach?
  2. What about plain old sin?
  3. What is the relationship between the Immanuel approach and Theophostic® Prayer Ministry?
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