Introductory Essays

Download the free essays below for a thorough introduction to the Immanuel approach.

Chapters 1-5 (Draft) of the New Immanuel Approach Book

(New 4/30/2013) Dr. Lehman is currently working on an Immanuel approach book. This PDF contains the first five draft chapters of this book. These chapters integrate material that was formerly in the essays Immanuel Approach (to Emotional Healing and to Life) and Introduction to the Immanuel Approach as well as new stories and teaching points. These first five chapters are currently the first place to start reading in order to learn the basics about the Immanuel approach. Below are the chapter titles:

  • Chapter 1: Eileen, Absence Wounds, and Ice Cream
  • Chapter 2: The Immanuel Approach, a Brief Introduction
  • Chapter 3: More Introduction (a Psychiatrist’s Journey)
  • Chapter 4: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Chapter 5: Zevian, Monsters in the Closet, and “BIG JESUS”
  • View PDF (47 pgs)

Click this link to read more draft chapters of the Immanuel Approach book.

Additional Introductory Essays

Immanuel God With Us

(New: 10/25/2006 revised: 10/26/2006) summary: This document is the manuscript of Charlotte’s seminar lecture recorded on the DVD/VHS entitled “Immanuel: God With Us.” Charlotte delves into the Biblical uses of the name Immanuel, Hebrew for “God with us,” and draws out essential insights, both for emotional healing, and more broadly, for the life of Christian discipleship. This presentation of Biblical exegesis and real life illustrations can also serve as an indirect and non-threatening, but compelling, introduction to the necessity for emotional healing in the life of the believer. This teaching also contributed to the discovery and use of powerful new approaches to emotional healing, which we are now sharing in the “Immanuel Series. Download PDF (12 pgs, 66kb)

Where/How Do I Get Training Regarding the Immanuel Approach

(New: 01/26/2010 revised: 07/1/2011) summary: An increasing number of people have been contacting us with questions along the lines of: “I would like to use the Immanuel approach to emotional healing in my _______ (psychotherapy practice, ministry, church, small group, family, marriage, etc.). How/where do I get training that will enable me to do this?” Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any kind of training institute, we do not offer internships/apprenticeships, and we are not providing seminars designed to train people to use the Immanuel approach. In the absence of this kind of Immanuel approach training package, we offer the following thoughts regarding do-it-yourself Immanuel approach training programs. This essay is also known as appendix C from Dr. Lehman’s book Outsmarting Yourself. Download PDF (15 pgs, 186 kb)

“Finding/Recruiting Your Own Immanuel Approach Facilitator”

Provides wisdom for those having difficulty finding a facilitator. Also remember to check out the Immanuel Network Directory.

“The Immanuel approach referral Network: Important Requests, Recommendations, and Cautions ”

Provides guidance about how to use the Immanuel Network Directory, how to know if a facilitator is correctly practicing the Immanuel approach and tips about how to proceed cautiously when finding a facilitator.