Which Lehman Resources are Right for Me?

Below is a guide to help you decide which Lehman resources may be best for you. For more information about each product please visit our store page.

A) Condensed Session DVDs :
These condensed versions of live sessions are one of the best ways to introduce people to the Immanuel approach.  At fifteen to twenty minutes each, and four sessions per disk, they require a very modest time investment. The powerful healings and striking fruit apparent at the follow-up interviews tend to be very effective in convincing people that this is an approach to emotional healing that merits further investigation. (LMS stands for Live Ministry Series).

B) Full-length Session DVDs:
1. Immanuel approach sessions: The following DVDs are selected from from the larger collection of Lehman Live Ministry Series (LMS) sessions because they provide examples of the Immanuel approach to emotional healing, including the initial steps of positive memory recall, deliberate appreciation, and refreshing connection with Jesus:

  1. Maggie #2: “If I Leave, She Could Die” (LMS #12)
  2. Renae: Healing Helps Parenting (LMS #17)
  3. Rita #3: Jesus Is Better Than Candy (LMS #18)
  4. Maggie #3: Labor and Delivery Trauma (LMS #19)
  5. Steve: Just Be With Jesus (LMS #21)
  6. Bruce: Loss of Parents, Sibling Conflict, Daughter’s Illness (LMS #22)
  7. Ian: I’m not Enough (LMS #24)
  8. Charlie: This Really works (LMS #27)

These full-length sessions can also be helpful in giving your clients an idea of what to expect. The condensed-version sessions are very faith building, inspirational, and helpful for introducing people to the Immanuel approach; but when a person is wanting to actually receive Immanuel emotional healing, it is helpful for them to have realistic expectations regarding the flow of an hour and a half session (as opposed to expecting to go through the process in 15 minutes, as portrayed in the condensed versions).

2. Safety Net Demonstration: Several of the principles and process pieces that are new with the Immanuel approach make it possible to deploy “safety nets” that make it safe to use the basic Immanuel approach in group settings and that allow beginners to practice safely with basic Immanuel approach exercises. The primary safety net is to establish a positive memory and connection with Jesus at the beginning of the session, and then to help the recipient come back to this initial safe place and connection with Jesus if she encounters unmanageable difficulties at any point later in the session or if you run out of time at the end of the session and she is still working with unresolved trauma. In Bob: Safety Net Demonstration (LMS #29, one DVD that includes both full and condensed versions), Dr. Lehman demonstrates two variations of this primary safety net. Viewing these live demonstrations is one of the best ways to learn to use this primary Immanuel approach safety net.

3. Immanuel intervention troubleshooting sessions: We have several live-session DVDs that provide examples of extended troubleshooting with people who are initially unable to perceive the Lord’s presence. These two sessions show you what it looks like to keep turning to Jesus for guidance and help when the person is repeatedly unable to perceive his presence, and they are especially valuable in combination with the sections on troubleshooting included in “Brain Science, Psychological Trauma, and the God Who Is with Us ~ Part V.”

4. Other live-session DVDs: The many other DVDs include smaller blocks of  troubleshooting regarding various aspects of the Immanuel connection not working. For example:

all include places where we identify and then resolve guardian lies that initially hinder the person from perceiving the Lord’s presence and/or fully being able to receive from him.

includes troubleshooting where we identify and resolve blockages caused by bitterness and demonic interference.

C) Conference Teaching DVDs:

1. Psychological Trauma, Implicit Memory, and the Verbal Logical Explainer (4-DVD Set): This 4 DVD extended lecture is a great way to teach a whole group many of the basics concepts in Dr Lehman’s book Outsmarting Yourself  such as: relational circuits, psychological trauma, “invisible” implicit memory, and the VLE.  One good option is to break the lecture into bite-size sections to be viewed and discussed by a group in a series of one to two hour meetings. This engaging presentation combines brain science and true stories of personal transformation.

2. Immanuel God With Us (1-DVD): In this solidly Scriptural, warm, and engaging lecture, Charlotte Lehman delves into the Biblical uses of the name Immanuel, Hebrew for “God with us,” and draws out essential insights, both for emotional healing, and more broadly, for the life of Christian discipleship

3. Immanuel, Emotional Healing & Capacity Parts I & II (2-DVD Set)Many people are seeking healing from the ongoing effects of traumatic or difficult events that have happened to them. They know they need to allow the Great Physician, Jesus, in to the places of pain in their hearts to receive healing, but they can’t seem to “get there.” There are many possible reasons for this blockage to healing – but one that often goes unrecognized is the issue of capacity. Just as physical systems, like the wiring in your house, have a finite capacity to carry a load, so our brains, minds, and spirits have finite capacities for working with traumatic memories.

4. Immanuel, An Especially Pernicious Blockage, & The Normal Belief Memory System, Parts I & II (2-DVD Set): The especially pernicious blockage described by Dr. Lehman in these lectures is a serious, though not uncommon, tangle of wounds, choices, memory dynamics, and other factors that prevent many people – even sincere Christians – from perceiving the reality of Immanuel, God With Us, and receiving the many benefits of His presence, including emotional healing.

5. The Immanuel Lifestyle and Sustaining Joy for a Lifetime (2 DVD Set):

Wouldn’t it be great if perceiving God with you were your normal, everyday experience? In this presentation, the Lehman’s describe what you can do to help nurture that hope into a reality. They describe the Immanuel lifestyle – principles that guide your understanding of the world, skills that you can learn and practice regularly, and behaviors that you can develop into daily habits. These principles, maturity skills and habits can help you to increasingly perceive and connect with the living presence of Jesus as an everyday reality.

“I finally get it about when our brain’s relational connection circuits are on or off and why it matters so much… Dr. Lehman’s authentic, in-the-moment and hilarious confessions of when his [relational circuits] were off during the presentation – and his sharing of what brought them back on again – opened my understanding!” (Comments from THRIVE gathering attendees)

D) Dr Lehman’s books:
1. Outsmarting  Yourself: Catching Your Past Invading the Present and What to Do about It: Ever wonder . . . Why you sometimes don’t like the people you love? Why some disagreements seem impossible to resolve? Why certain small problems are so upsetting? And what can you do about it? Dr. Lehman combines evidence from scientific research, carefully documented case studies, and gripping personal stories to convince you of the reality of “invisible” memory and your Verbal Logical Explainer (VLE), and then help you maximize their benefits while minimizing the havoc they can cause. Dr. Lehman teaches you how to leverage the things you can choose to do something about in order to overcome the problems you can’t choose to change directly. This book provides realistic, psychologically sound, and Christ-centered tools for becoming a joyful, life-giving person with thriving relationships.  The Immanuel approach is a central part of the Outsmarting Yourself paradigm. Also see www.outsmartingyourself.org.

2. Immanuel Approach to Emotional Healing and to Life. This book is the most comprehensive guide to the Immanuel Approach for Emotional Healing and for Life, written by the primary developer of this approach. The Immanuel Approach combines the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices (practicing the presence of God, prayer, gratitude, and listening) with insights from modern neuroscience. This book is for both beginners and advanced practitioners in the field with an array of both introductory and advanced material. It weaves together stories, teaching, and helpful instructions for helping people establish an experiential and healing interactive connection with God.