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(We want you to be aware of these important requests and cautions before proceeding to the directory.)

Cautions / Requests

The Immanuel Network Directory is designed to connect people who are interested in the Immanuel approach from around the world. This is a public directory, so please read the following cautions.

If you are looking for a facilitator: Please note that we do not have oversight authority or provide formal supervision for the people who use this site, and therefore cannot take responsibility for their work.  Furthermore, we are not attempting to control the membership or verify the accuracy of the information people post regarding themselves and/or their ministries (see footnote below). The reason we have chosen to do things in this way is that interest in the Immanuel approach, need for Immanuel approach facilitators, and need for Immanuel approach trainers is exploding, and we can’t possibly keep up with these needs.  With respect to this public directory, us attempting to screen, monitor, supervise, verify, etc would create a massive bottle neck/traffic jam. Consequently, the person seeking a facilitator, trainer, or study  group needs to take responsibility for verifying the accuracy of information, and for discerning regarding competence and safety. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and establish appropriate safety precautions if you decide to meet the person face to face.  For those who have identified a facilitator, once you have begun to meet with a facilitator, evaluate the process during actual sessions to determine whether the healing process with a particular provider is a good fit. It is very appropriate for the person seeking healing to evaluate the process on an ongoing basis, and to find another provider if necessary. Please read the essay  “The Immanuel Approach Referral Network: Important Requests, Recommendations, and Cautions” for additional guidance with respect to evaluating facilitators and sessions.

If you intend to list yourself as a facilitator: If you intend to use this directory to offer your skills as a facilitator, we encourage you to carefully read the essay “The Immanuel Approach Referral Network: Important Requests, Recommendations, and Cautions” to make sure you accurately understand what it means to facilitate the Immanuel approach.

Note: We reserve the right to remove entries (for example, if we come across inappropriate entries and/or an abuse of the directory, such as advertisement SPAM), but we are not attempting any systematic effort to police the entries and/or participants.

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