Lehman Referral List

Below are PDF versions of the Lehman referral lists. Please note that our list is fairly limited at this time. For a broader list of people involved in the Immanuel approach please refer to the Immanuel Network Directory. Note that the good and bad news about the Immanuel Network Directory is that it is public so, please read the essay  “The Immanuel Approach Referral Network: Important Requests, Recommendations, and Cautions” before using it.

Lehman referrals

These lists contain people with whom Dr Lehman has some personal knowledge or connection:

Lehman Referrals for Chicagoland Area (download PDF)

Lehman Referrals for USA and World (download PDF)


If you still can’t find a facilitator

It probably won’t surprise anyone to hear that we receive many, many requests for assistance in finding a therapist/emotional healing minister who can facilitate Immanuel approach sessions. We are working hard to train Immanuel approach facilitators, and information regarding facilitators available to the public will be posted on the Lehman Referral List and/or the Immanuel Network Directory. However, at this point the small number of facilitators posted through these two resources are unable to provide sessions for the large number of people who want them. At least for now, many people wanting Immanuel approach sessions will have to find or recruit their own facilitators. See the essay, “Finding/Recruiting Your Own Immanuel Approach Facilitator,” for our thoughts regarding how one might pursue doing so. Also, please read the essay, “Requests, Recommendations, and Cautions,” as part of finding a competent, safe, good-fit facilitator who truly uses the Immanuel approach.  

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