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If you are looking for an Immanuel approach trainer, this is a good place to start. The Immanuel colleagues we describe here present a wide variety of teaching/training resources. We encourage you to use the links providing additional information, in order to find the resources that best fit your particular needs. Note also that many of the ministries, churches, and individuals described here combine Immanuel approach training with other material. For example, Dr. Wilder, the Courseys, and Ed Khouri all integrate training with respect to the Immanuel approach into the larger THRIVE and Thriving curricula.

Training Resources

Do-It-Yourself Immanuel Approach Training Programs:

If you are not able to get to any of the live training opportunities provided by Dr. Lehman or one of our Immanuel colleagues, or if you perceive the need for additional resources to augment the training you receive in live settings, our“Where/How Do I Get Training Regarding the Immanuel Approach?” essay describes all of the internet, book, and video resources we are aware of, and then presents our thoughts regarding how to use these resources in building do- it-yourself Immanuel approach training programs.

FormingRestarting, and Belonging Groups: more

I (Karl Lehman) have never actually participated in one of these groups, but from what I understand the exercises at the end of each group session provide opportunities to practice many of the building blocks of the Immanuel approach. For example, the exercises in Restarting and Belonging  include practice with the initial steps of the Immanuel process: 1) calming and deliberate appreciation to prepare the brain for relational connection, 2) recalling previous experiences of positive connection with the Lord, and 3) taking time to reenter these memories in order to reestablish an interactive connection with the Lord in the present. Note: We work closely with those developing the Thriving material (Pastor Ed Khouri,  Dr. E. James Wilder, Pastor David Takle,  and Pastors Chris and Jen Coursey), but we do not produce or distribute the material and we are not involved with coordinating and/or keeping track of Thriving groups. For more information regarding Thriving groups, the RestartingFormingBelonging, andHealing modules of Thriving, Recover Your Life, and other Thriving materials, see

Healing module of Thriving: Recover Your Lifemore

As I (Karl Lehman) write this (February2011), Pastor Ed Khouri and team are working diligently on the development of the Healing module of the Thriving: Recover Your Life program. When this is released (hopefully sometime in 2011), it will provide an excellent resource for learning the Immanuel approach. The current plans are for the lecture content to include systematic teaching about each of the building blocks of the Immanuel approach, and the exercises at the end of each session will include practice with these building blocks. The later session exercises will then lead the participants in progressively putting the pieces together to end up with the complete Immanuel approach package, including the resolution of traumatic memories. Note: We work closely with those developing the Thriving material(Pastor Ed Khouri, Dr. E. James Wilder, Pastor David Takle,  and Pastors Chris and Jen Coursey), but we do not produce or distribute the material and we are not involved with coordinating and/or keeping track of Thriving groups. For more information regarding Thriving groups, theRestartingFormingBelonging, and Healing modules of Thriving, Recover Your Life, and other Thriving materials, see


Dr. Jim Wilder more

Dr. Jim Wilder is a psychologist and counselor who has been a co-laborer with Karl Lehman in developing the Immanuel appraoch. He is known around the world for his teachings and writings. The two introduced the first version of the Immanuel approach that was safe and effective for use in group settings in 2008. Since then, Dr. Wilder has been on the forefront of fine tuning the Immanuel approach to make it safe and effective for group settings around the world. Dr. Wilder has successfully trained groups in international contexts where the majority of members had symptoms of PTSD. To learn more about Dr. Wilder click here. 

Patti Velotta, M.Div (Calvary Way International Fellowship): more

Pastor Patti Velotta received her Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where she also served for three years as Dean of Women and Assistant Dean of Students. She was ordained in 1992, and has served Calvary Way International Fellowship for over twenty years as pastor. We have known Pastor Patti and her husband, Mike, for more than ten years.

One of Pastor Patti’s strongest qualifications for teaching and writing about the Immanuel approach is that she faithfully applies these principles and tools in her own life. Another strong qualification is that emotional healing and increased intimacy with Jesus are consistently being released through her ministry. Yet another qualification is that she receives regular, ongoing supervision from me, and works particularly hard to emulate the details of how I facilitate actual sessions. Pastor Patti is also an excellent teacher, and my observation is that she has an anointing for both teaching and ministering with the Immanuel approach. Some have found Wilder and Coursey’s Share Immanuel to be particularly understandable and usable, others have found the way I present material regarding the Immanuel approach to be especially easy to understand and apply, and still others have found Pastor Patti’s teaching to be the best fit for the way they think and work. Her book, Immanuel: A Practicum, is being used by the Lord to help many receive his rich blessings through the Immanuel approach to emotional healing and to life, and I expect that this will continue.

Since 2010 she has traveled extensively providing seminars on the Immanuel Approach and continues to be available.  See or call the Calvary Way International Fellowship church office at 847-247-4350 for itinerary, speaker’s page material, booking, and book purchase. Also note that you can see  Pastor Patti’s itinerary

Andrea Bacon MD

Andrea is board certified in adult and child psychiatry.  She understands the spiritual, emotional and medical aspects of trauma. She has been a part of my training group for emotional healing since it began over 10 years ago with Theophostic ministry and later evolved into Immanuel prayer.  She and I take turns facilitating Immanuel Prayer for each other and we both have seen tremendous spiritual growth in our lives.  She has taught Immanuel Prayer to individuals and groups successfully.  She has a heart to teach Immanuel Prayer to missionaries and church groups so that the burden of trauma can be reduced and the joy of the Lord released worldwide.  The trainings she offers can vary from half day seminars to advanced seminars over several weeks depending on the need of the clients.

Andrea Bacon MD
564 W. Randolph St. 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: 312-243-9919; Fax: 312-244-9929

Andy Ross: LPC, Masters of Pastoral Counseling

Andy Ross is a licensed professional counselor. He also works with Dr. Karl Lehman administratively doing work such as maintaining the websites and coordinating training groups. Andy holds a Masters of Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Chicago. Andy has been using the Immanuel approach extensively in his own life, marriage, and ministry since 2007. He has trained people in the Immanuel approach both in the United States and in Kenya. Andy is also a skilled Immanuel approach facilitator. He is offering training in the Chicago-land area. He also offers consultation related to the Immanuel approach via video conferencing or telephone for people around the world.

Andy Ross LPC, MAPC
535 Custer Ave Evanston, IL 60202
Phone: 847-650-5195

Dr. Ian Mogilevsky, C.Psych: more

Dr. Mogilevsky has diligently studied the Biblical foundations, the theoretical underpinning, and the core principles in the Life Model (Dr. Wilder), Theophostic Prayer Ministry (Dr. Smith) and the Immanuel approach for a number of years. He currently is offering Immanuel approach training opportunities for individuals, church congregations, and/or Mental Health professionals at introductory, intermediary, and advance levels. Training modules can take place over a 16-week Sunday school class, over four half-day or evening seminars, or over two full-day workshops. Training includes DVD and live teaching, DVD and live demonstration, and opportunities for participants to practice and receive direct feedback. Dr. Mogilevsky is available to come into your area to provide this training.Dr. Ian Mogilevsky and Associates
Winnipeg, MB

Doug Kellenberger MA, LMHC: more

Mr. Kellenberger has a masters degree in counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). We have known Doug as an acquaintance and colleague for more than seven years, and perceive him to be a committed believer. He has participated in one of our mentoring groups, has attended conferences where we presented regarding the Immanuel approach, he has studied our written and DVD material. Doug reports, “I am gaining confidence and experience to offer The Immanuel Approach more frequently in therapy when appropriate and with consent – 2 to 4 clients / week. As efficacy grows I am starting to expect results even when I don’t know how it could be possible.” We have not had the privilege of observing him facilitate an Immanuel approach session, but he reports that the Lord has been releasing consistent healing through the Immanuel approach sessions he has been facilitating. He is facilitating ongoing trainings in the Indiana area.Douglas Kellenberger, MA, LMHC
LifeWorks Counseling & Consulting, Inc.
6202 Constitution Dr. Suite D
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Phone: 260.432.0066 ext. 312

Jessica Handy, Margaret Webb, and Alive and Well Ministry: more

Margaret Webb, Jessica Handy, Leren Chamberlain, and others offer training courses in the Immanuel approach (aka Immanuel Prayer) in various parts of Chicago, IL and will likely continue to expand. Video recordings and handouts from the training events are available on-line from her website. Margaret Webb has participated in one of Dr. Lehman’s mentoring groups, and researched his writings extensively. We have not had the privilege of directly observing her and the team’s work, but from what we can tell she appears to be a skilled and careful pioneer in the much needed work of training others in the Immanuel approach. See the Alive and Well website.

David Bamford (Positive Changes Counseling): more

David Bamford has studied THRIVE, Theophostic, and the Immanuel approach extensively, and has been applying these principles and tools in his counseling practice for a number of years. He now also provides training, focusing especially on THRIVE and the Immanuel approach. We met David in 2008 and have had ongoing contact at conferences and via e-mail since then. We have not had the privilege of attending one of his workshops or observing him facilitate an Immanuel approach session, but testimonies we have heard are very positive. His current Immanuel approach training package is a one-and-a-half day workshop that includes teaching, live demonstration, and opportunities for participants to practice. These seminars are available across Canada and overseas. You can obtain more information regarding training opportunities with David at his website,

David Bamford
Positive Changes Counseling
3228-148 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB, T5Y 2B8
Ph: 780 413-0061


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