(LMS #20) “Live Emotional Healing Ministry ~ Condensed sessions, 4th set”

In response to many requests for short examples of actual sessions, here is the fourth set of condensed versions of our live emotional healing sessions.

These brief sessions make a great introduction to "Immanuel interventions" and the Immanuel approach to emotional healing. The 14 to 19 minute condensed session length is ideal for sharing with the busy folks in your life (family, friends, pastor, colleagues, mental health professionals). The specific condensed sessions in this set include: 1) Dawn: Disarming the Lure of Affirmation (17 min) 2) Renae: Healing Helps Parenting (19 min) 3) Rita #3: Jesus Is Better than Candy (19 min) 4) Maggie #3: Labor & Delivery Trauma (14 min)

Price: $30.00

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