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Immanuel Approach For Emotional Healing and For Life Book

This book is the most comprehensive guide to the Immanuel Approach for Emotional Healing and for Life, written by the primary developer of this approach. The Immanuel Approach combines the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices (practicing the presence of God, prayer, gratitude, and listening) with insights from modern neuroscience. This book is for both beginners and advanced practitioners in the field with an array of both introductory and advanced material. It weaves together stories, teaching, and helpful instructions for helping people establish an experiential and healing interactive connection with God.


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Fantastic value: In my humble opinion, this book is a fantastic value. First of all, this book is 784 pages, with top quality paper and top quality binding, and the printing was done here in the United States (where everything costs more, but the increased costs pay for good pay and benefits for the workers, and also for environmental protection). It has taken me 15 years to develop this material, and 20 – 40 hours per week for the last several years specifically on this writing project. Furthermore, this book includes a top-quality, professionally generated index. As a reference point, 100 page books comparable to The Immanuel Approach with respect to content quality are currently selling for $15 per book. If we were pricing this 784 page book proportionally it would cost more than $100 per book.

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My vision for this book is that few will read it cover to cover, but rather that it will be a reference resource for a wide range of different scenarios in the Immanuel Approach community. For example, if you are a therapist and you want to introduce the Immanuel Approach to a client who has never heard of it before, Chapter 2 and the story chapters distributed throughout the book will provide an accessible introduction. Or if your church small group is learning about the Immanuel Approach and they have questions about whether it is biblical, you can all go through Chapter 35 together. Or if you are a recipient and you like to understand what you are doing, Chapters 6-23 will help you to understand the principles and process so that you can cooperate with the Immanuel Approach more effectively. Or if you are a trainer and you want to include group exercises in your training events, you will find Chapter 24 to be very helpful. And every facilitator and recipient will be encouraged by the story chapters.

The material in this book will also be helpful in addressing a wide variety of specific issues that come up in Immanuel Approach sessions. For example, if you are a facilitator and you are working with a recipient who has trouble with a supposed “Jesus” presence that doesn’t seem to be the true Lord Jesus, you can ask her to read appropriate portions of Chapters 31-33, and then talk with her about how the material applies to her sessions. Or if you are a recipient who wants to move forward more quickly and you are willing to do homework between sessions, you can study and apply the principles and tools described in Chapter 37. Or if you are a therapist and one of your clients is concerned because her experiences of Jesus seem unusual, you can ask her to read Chapter 28 and then discuss it with her. Or if you are a recipient and you are concerned that you are not receiving genuine Immanuel Approach sessions, you can refer to Chapter 39 to help you discern this question.

My hope regarding this book is that it will help people to learn about and experience the Immanuel Approach. And my greater hope is that the Immanuel Approach will enable people to experience regular, life-changing, interactive connections with the living presence of Jesus.

In my own practice, I will ask any client who wishes to use the Immanuel Approach to purchase a copy. In addition to the story chapters as a great source of encouragement and faith-building, there will be many points at which I will use portions of the book as homework reading. This will be a very time and cost efficient way for recipients to obtain understanding that will enable them to participate in the process more efficiently.

In summary, I think this book would be a valuable resource for anybody who is involved with the Immanuel Approach, including recipients, facilitators, and trainers.

Price: $30.00

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