The Immanuel Lifestyle and Sustaining Joy for a Lifetime

Wouldn't it be great if perceiving God with you were your normal, everyday experience? In this presentation, the Lehman's describe what you can do to help nurture that hope into a reality. They describe the Immanuel lifestyle - principles that guide your understanding of the world, skills that you can learn and practice regularly, and behaviors that you can develop into daily habits. These principles, maturity skills and habits can help you to increasingly perceive and connect with the living presence of Jesus as an everyday reality.

This 2 DVD set includes approximately three hours of teaching plus previews of four live ministry session DVDs. "I finally get it about when our brain's relational connection circuits are on or off and why it matters so much... Dr. Lehman's authentic, in-the-moment and hilarious confessions of when his [relational circuits] were off during the presentation - and his sharing of what brought them back on again - opened my understanding!" (Comments from THRIVE gathering attendees)

Price: $40.00

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