Teaching: Immanuel, an Especially Pernicious Blockage, & the Normal Belief Memory System

In these two lectures, Dr. Lehman teaches about the memory system that carries our normal beliefs and the memory system that carries our trauma-associated beliefs, he describes a particularly difficult tangle of wounds, choices, memory dynamics, and other factors that can prevent us from perceiving God’s presence, and he presents principles and interventions that can be helpful in dismantling this especially pernicious blockage.

The especially pernicious blockage described by Dr. Lehman in these lectures is a serious, though not uncommon, tangle of wounds, choices, memory dynamics, and other factors that prevent many people - even sincere Christians - from perceiving the reality of Immanuel, God With Us, and receiving the many benefits of His presence, including emotional healing. In order to describe the solution we have seen to the pernicious blockage, Dr. Lehman presents an improved model of how our brains and minds work: differentiating the normal belief memory system from the trauma-associated belief memory system, and articulating the unique and essential roles of each in permanent resolution of “lies” found in the trauma-associated belief system. Using powerful visual aids to illustrate key concepts, and a case study from his own journey to give the audience an intuitive understanding of the problem, Dr. Lehman's presentation will inform and equip you for your own journey and your ministry with others.

Price: $50.00

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