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We now have this messaging system working correctly! Feel free to contact us. Messages will go to Andy Ross the Lehman office administrator. Due to a heavy workload we will not be able to provide consultations or respond to all questions and our answers will likely be brief.

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Messages will go to the Lehman’s office administrator.

Messages sent from this page will go to Andy Ross the Lehman office administrator. Andy is highly involved in the Immanuel approach, maintains the website, and is equipped to handle many of the questions and concerns you may have. He can also forward emails to Dr Lehman although Dr Lehman may or may not have time to respond. This is our way to be accessible while creating space for the important writing and training that Dr. Lehman is involved with.

Possible topics:

1) Feedback about website (highly welcomed)
2) Questions about conferences
3) Testimonies/Immanuel Stories
4) General comments


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