“It was the best night ever”

An Iowa City Vineyard pastor just sent me the following brief Immanuel story, describing an Immanuel approach training evening she facilitated for her youth leaders shortly after returning home from our Evanston spring 2013 seminar for mission teams:

“…we had the best time ever with our youth leaders. Everyone who prayed connected with Jesus and got healing. It was the best night ever. The stories were so amazing. One couple (both engineers) were convinced this was great (but not for them), even though they both cried through the whole live demonstration I did with one of the participants at the beginning of the evening. But the husband was willing to try the interactive connection with Jesus exercise, and he ended up receiving the most amazing healing experience of his life. He and his wife were completely undone, in a “Jesus is amazing” sort of way. One of the women who received amazing healing was so excited she went home and practiced on her husband, who also ended up having an amazing experience. I was so excited afterwards that I had a hard time falling asleep….I definitely feel like I barely know what I’m doing and Jesus is still ok.”

~Karl Lehman, M.D., personal collection of Immanuel stories

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